High School Principal,Head Teacher or should we call Education Dictator?

10 Fev

Dear Readers,


Our blog has a main aim with conscience to prevent corruption in all levels of education system.Our main topic is a female Metanet Cabbarlı (   Mətanət Cabbarlı ) who is a principal of high school in Baku,Azerbaijan.She is working as high school principal since 2004 and she has no teaching experience in the past at all.Basicly this is a sudden appointment completely supported by her sister Melahet Ibrahimgizi ( Məlahət İbrahimqızı ) who is an important figure in Azerbaijans ruling party YAP ( New Azerbaijan Party ).You are wellcome to see the official website of Azerbaijan Parliament below;



This school is famous with illegal assignments of teachers,mass corruption,forgery of official documents especially the documents of Azerbaijan Ministry of Education,bribes from students and student parents through threat and blackmail.The below is a picture of   Mətanət Cabbarlı who is ruling the high school as a trade market.




Its obviously surprising for all of you that how she can do all these such freely.Many times her activities were published on national newspapers of Azerbaijan.For example you can view all these following links;



You can even view related news on Radio Liberty from following link;





You are welcome to Google Translate all above news and see what we are fighting for.It is necessary of humanity and conscience to fight against this corruption monarchy in education.We are continuously receiving threats,death threats but this is what we freely believe and fight for.


Thank you for all your time,


Freedom of Speech and Clean Education Fighters


Bir Cavab to “High School Principal,Head Teacher or should we call Education Dictator?”

  1. gultekin nifteliyeva Fevral 28, 2013 10:26 səhər #

    Ay bedbextler,bu mektebin muveffeqiyyeti,sizi kimi unsurleri belece mehv edecek,siz niyyetli insanlar belece oleceksiniz.

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