Feudalism and high school

22 Mar


Dear Our Foreign Readers,

Since we have established our bloq to protest mass corruption and feudality in our education system we have received many questions from all world countries asking about the topic of discussion in our blog.In some cases we did give short explanations but considering the number of questions we decided to give a complete explanation about what we are struggling and fighting for.

Our main aim is to stop mass corruption and feudality at High School Number 62 which is located in Nizami District, Baku, Azerbaijan.All this mass corruption and feudality started by principal Mrs. Metanet Cabbarli. Mrs.Metanet Cabbarli also has a sister Ms.Melahet Ibrahimqizi who is a member of Parliament ( Republic of Azerbaijan ). All activities of principal Mrs. Metanet Cabbarli is defended and protected by Ms. Melahet Ibrahimqizi and this is why until now no legal action at all taken against principal Mrs. Metanet Cabbarli.

Above of this writing you can see the pictures of High School, principal Mrs. Metanet Cabbarli and the last one Ms. Melahet Ibrahimqizi who is actively involved in international political meetings.

The Principal Ms. Cabbarli has been a main discussion topic at national newspapers many times. She has also been a topic of discussion at Radio Liberty. For example the case of teacher Ms. Gulnare Mutellimova has been published at Radio Liberty http://www.azadliq.org/content/article/24881764.html

Teacher of Russian Language at High School, Ms. Gulnare Mutellimova has been fired 4 times in past 4 years and the reason for getting fired from position was not obeying the orders when High School Principal Mrs. Metanet Cabbarli ordered all teachers to do the garden and land work around the high school building. Now we believe you can underdstand why we are talking about feudalism in high school.

There are many things to be explained such as 2 manat ( equal to almost 2 euro  Azerbaijani manat ) operation during all exam times at high school.Another corruption and receiving money by threat and force cases can be explained in more than 100 pages.

With all the respect we are happy to explain our idea,main goal and situation in education system of Azerbaijan. We will be happy to inform you about your any questions and you are welcome to send any questions by comment on this blogue or using our email tehsilderusvet@gmail.com

Thank you for all your time.


2 Cavab to “Feudalism and high school”

  1. mehriban qemberova Mart 24, 2013 9:34 səhər #

    Ar olsun sizi kimi bivec nakisilere,mektebin ugurlari goz qabagindadir,it hurer karvan kecer.

  2. Maria May 26, 2013 6:21 səhər #

    Truly very helpful ideas are provided here.
    thank an individual thus much.Keep the good works .

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